• Ontario Hydro (poles and lines)
  • Sewage Lagoon
  • Water Pumping Stations
  • Underground Running Water & Sewer Pipe Systems
  • Gravel Road to Sandy Banks (approx. 10 miles from community) for Recreation/Leisure/Swimming/Camping Areas
  • Community Garbage Dump (approx. 3 miles from community)
  • Airport Gravel Runway (approx. 3,900 feet)
  • Twenty Eight 50,000 Litre Gas Tank Depot plus one 50,000 litre propane tank


Gravel Road

Water Infrastructure

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug has a trucked and piped water delivery system. The primary source of drinking water in the community is lake water. The lake intake is located in a remote area of Westbay. The water quality is very good and consequently, chlorination is the only form of treatment necessary currently.

Sewage Infrastructure

The school, teacherages and Post Island houses are the only buildings connected to the piped sewage forcemain at the present time. The rest of the community is serviced by a sewage truck. The lagoon is located on the Post Island, where the waste water is being treated in a two-celled seasonal retention facultative lagoon system. The main cells are 178 meters by 78 meters, which provides for a 50,000 cubic meter storage capacity.