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What are the health benefits of fiber o Fiber slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream to help maintain stable blood sugar levels and help prevent Type 2 diabetes. o Fiber lowers bad LDL cholesterol and promotes heart health. o Fiber helps keep you feeling full and satisfied and more in control of your appetite and weight. o Fiber keeps your digestive system healthy and regular, helping you to avoid constipation and the risk of diverticulitis.  Fiber reduces the risk of certain types of cancer, including colon and breast cancer.

Sugar can have devastating effects on metabolism that go way beyond its calorie content it can lead to insulin resistance, increased levels of harmful cholesterol and increased fat accumulation in the liver and abdominal cavity most people aren't putting massive amounts of sugar in their coffee or on top of their cereal, they're getting it from processed foods and sugar - sweetened beverages processed foods and beverages are the biggest sources of added sugar processed foods are ''hyper rewarding and lead to over consumption if a food manufacturer wants to succeed and get people to buy their product, it has to taste good. today, the competition is fierce. there are many different food manufactures, all completing with each other. massive resources are spent on making foods as desirable as possible many processed foods have been engineered to be so incredibly ''rewarding''to the brain that they overpower anything we might have across in nature we have complicated mechanisms in our bodies and brains that are supposed to regulate energy balance (how much we eat and how much we burn) which, until very recently in evolutionary history, worked to keep us at a healthy weight. the truth is, processed foods are so incredibly rewarding to our brains that they affect our thoughts and behavior, making us eat more and more until eventually we become sick good food is good, but foods that are engineered to be hyper rewarding, effectively short circuiting our innate(inborn; natural) brakes against over consumption are not good